Level #1: Weekend Challenge - This summer give your Saturdays to God. A predetermined set of weeks that you set aside for outreach. This is a challenge the entire youth group should be able to get involved with. From knocking on doors/door hangers, helping out and serving the community, prayer walks, teaching Bible studies and more. Decide now to make this summer a summer you, and those you affect, will never forget!
Level #2: Prime-Time Challenge - This summer give your Prime-Time to God. Prime-Time is known phrase in the world that represents the evening time, when most of the population is glued to their televisions. We, however, will spend our time reaching the world. Along with Saturday outreach, the Prime-Time Challenge is specific designated time after work and school. You will challenge yourself to a certain amount of Prime-Time goals. For example: how people you will witness to and how many Bible studies you will teach. Prime-Time ends after those certain goals are met. Are you ready to make Prime-Time HIS TIME?
iGo Challenge
Level #3: Full Time Challenge - This summer give ALL your time to God. This means accepting a 2 to 3 month commitment to reaching our world -Just like working a full- time job, or enrolling in summer classes. You will be committing yourself to full-time Bible study teaching and soul winning. This requires a great investment of your time and resources. 5 days a week… reaching the lost, going into neighborhoods, nursing homes, teaching Bible studies that fit into other's schedules. A FULL SCHEDULE from morning until evening. This is guaranteed to be a life-changing experience!
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He said, "Go ye", and so, "iGo"
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